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In 2020, Farris Gosea and Tariq Suboh met while working at the same real estate brokerage and decided to join forces to create a specialized multifamily real estate firm. Based in Indiana and serving clients across the United States, our team has extensive experience in managing transactions of all sizes, from 4-unit properties to large 100+ apartment complexes.

Our services include off-market direct-to-seller transactions, listing services, and buyer representation. We pride ourselves on our ability to operate primarily in off-market transactions, which allows us to source deals that fit our clients' specific needs and parameters. Our approach is simple and hassle-free, which has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for both buyers and sellers.

What sets us apart from other multi-family brokers is our deep understanding of the industry. We know the ins and outs of operating, financing, acquiring, and selling multi-family real estate, which allows us to provide our clients with expert guidance and support throughout the entire transaction process. Our clients trust us to deliver results, and we take pride in helping them achieve their real estate goals.

Tariq Suboh


Tariq (3)

In 2020, Tariq founded the Ellsbury Commercial Group. With a focus on multifamily, and commercial investment properties, Tariq has quickly established himself as one of the top-producing commercial agents in the region, having sold over $250 million in real estate since his emergence in the industry.

Prior to his career in real estate, Tariq owned and operated multiple mobile phone stores in Northwest Indiana. He also worked as a property and casualty insurance agent for three years and still holds a P&C license. Tariq is an active investor in multifamily and residential real estate.

In addition to his business pursuits, Tariq has a passion for baseball and has experience at the college, international, and professional levels.

Cell Phone: (219) 805-5200 

Email: Tariq@Ellsburygroup.com

Office Address: 9004 Cline Avenue, Highland, IN 46322

Indiana License #: RB20000815

Illinois License #: 475192080

Farris Gosea


Farris (1)

In 2020, Farris co-founded the Ellsbury Commercial Group. With extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate, Farris is a seasoned professional in value-add rehab, management, and brokerage. He has personally scaled his own portfolio in recent years and has brokered over $250 million in real estate transactions, making him a trusted advisor for both buyers and sellers.

Before entering the real estate industry, Farris was a professional tennis player on the ATP tour, reaching a career-high of #400 in the world.

Farris graduated from the University of Illinois in 2016.

Cell Phone: (217) 904-8983

Email: FarrisGosea3@gmail.com

Office Address: 9004 Cline Avenue, Highland, IN 46322

Indiana License #: RB20000951

Xever Lemieux

Vice President/Broker

Xever (1)

Cell Phone: (219) 384-7994

Email: Xever@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB22000768

Illinois License #: 475208307

Andy Page

Vice President/Broker

Andy (1)

Cell Phone: (630) 251-4246 

Email: Andy.Page@Ellsburygroup.com

Illinois License #: 475204625

Gina Bevans

Associate Broker

Gina B (1)

Cell Phone: (708) 921-2665

Email: Gina.Bevans@Ellsburygroup.com

Illinois License #: 475203393

Islam Hamed

Associate Broker

Islam Hamed (4)

Cell Phone: (219) 218-8532

Email: Islam.Hamed@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB23001484

Zach Hart

Associate Broker

Zach Hart

Cell Phone: (540) 533-4171

Email: Zach.Hart@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB23001515

Jeremy Marek

Associate Broker


Cell Phone: (708) 407-6833

Email: Jeremy.Marek@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB21000865

Dominick Reda

Associate Broker

Dom Reda

Cell Phone: (219) 730-7549

Email: DredaRealtor@gmail.com

Indiana License #: RB22001944

Charlie Vasquez

Associate Broker

Charlie Vasquez

Cell Phone: (312) 860-9295

Email: Charlie.Vasquez@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB18000133

Saad Arafat

Associate Broker

Agent Headshots (Website Format) (2)

Cell Phone: (219) 666-4616

Email: Saad.Arafat@Ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB20001618

Andrew Clark

Associate Broker

Andrew Clark (1)

Cell Phone: (219) 433-6081

Email: Andrewclarkr@yahoo.com

Indiana License #: RB2300073

Jeremy Slowinski

Associate Broker

Jeremy Slowinski

Cell Phone: (708) 670-2032

Email: Jslow@ellsburygroup.com

Indiana License #: RB16000601

Illinois License #: 47108577

Cameron Sutton

Associate Broker

Cameron Sutton

Cell Phone: (815) 558-6289


Indiana License #: RB22000269

Illinois License #: 475154863

Stefano Belmonte

Associate Broker

Stefano Belmonte

Cell Phone:(219) 487-2814

Email: StefanoBelmontere@gmail.com

Indiana License #: RB22000099

Illinois License #: 475209324

Jesus Haro

Associate Broker

Jesus Haro (1)

Cell Phone: (219) 810-7348

Email: Jesus.Haro@EllsburyGroup.com

Indiana License #: RB21001319

Lisa Jahjah

Associate Broker

Lisa JahJah

Cell Phone: (312) 772-0939

Email: Lisa.Jahjah@EllsburyGroup.com

Illinois License #: 475211775

Chris Le

Associate Broker

Chris Le

Cell Phone: (773) 681-2758

Email: Chrislerealestate@gmail.com

Indiana License #: RB21002450

Illinois License #: 475200698

Ashley Janson

Chief Administrator

Ashley Grady (1)

Cell Phone: (219) 393-9177

Email: Ashley.Janson@Ellsburygroup.com

Office Address: 9004 Cline Avenue, Highland, IN 46322

Tehya Lawless

Director of Marketing

Tehya Lawless (1)

Cell Phone: (708)-465-4001 

Email: Tehya@Ellsburygroup.com

Office Address: 9004 Cline Avenue, Highland, IN 46322

Brandy Bryan

Chief Underwriter / Michigan Managing Broker

Brandy Bryan

Cell Phone:(219) 707-3536


Indiana License #: RB18002000

Michigan License #: 6502432555


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